“You Will Gbadun me”- Funny Moment Tawa Ajisefinni’s Father 94 Years Replies Those Crushing On him.

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An amusing video captures the 94-year-old father of Nigerian actress Tawa Ajesefnni responding to affection from his daughter’s female fans.

In the shared video, Tawa is seen encouraging her father to greet her fans. She mentions that some of her female admirers have expressed their fondness for him and their crush on him.

Responding to these remarks, the 94-year-old man humorously states that if these fans are willing to marry him, they will have a good time due to his enduring agility.

In her video caption, she writes, “Just a few days ago, I paid another visit to my dad 👌❤️❤️😆😆 and I playfully informed him that some of my female fans were expressing interest in him after I shared his video 😆😆. Seriously, Alhaji is quite the joker… I had no idea 😄😄😄.

He’s over 92 years old and still so energetic 💪💪💪, he can still do his thing 🤣🤪. Wishing you a long life, daddy 🙏🙏. May you live well, and may you be with Prophet Muhammad S.A.W 🤲.

We had a good laugh about it at some point 🤣🤣. I’m so happy to see you alive, truly 👏🙏🙏💯💯. Thank God 🙏.

This amazing man is my biological father 🥰💖. ALHAJI F.O.J AJISEFINNI.”

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Recalling the past, Tawa had previously advised men to take responsibility for their children, a message she emphasized after reconciling with her biological father following a 30-year gap.

She openly shared the remarkable journey of reconnecting with her father, a moment filled with a mixture of joy, curiosity, and a yearning for a sense of belonging.

The actress courageously spoke about her experience, underlining the importance of fathers assuming responsibility for their children.

In her own words, she penned, “Hmm… Finally introducing my biological father on Instagram. Alhaji Fasasi Oladejo Jimoh Ajisefinni, now 92 years old. I’m thrilled to meet you again after three decades, Alhamdulillah. Many people assumed I didn’t have a father since they mostly saw me celebrating my wonderful mom.”

“He reconciled with me about a year ago, and today I’m here to see him after all these years. He recognized me immediately, having seen me on screen and having my pictures.”

“I’m not here to pass judgment on anyone. Life’s circumstances sometimes lead parents in different directions. However, MEN, please consistently take responsibility for your children. May blessings come. Rest in peace to my late sister, Airat Adebola Ajisefinni. May mothers not suffer in vain. The journey has been challenging, but God’s grace prevails.”

“Instances like these arise when parents go separate ways, yet MEN, I implore you, always care for your children. Blessings. May you live long, Alhaji. I missed you, Dad. May God never forsake you or any of us. Should I mediate their disagreement so that Alhaja can also join the jubilation?”

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