Full Details of The fight Lizzy Anjorin And Iyabo Ojo(Video)

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Internet users were surprised this morning to discover that Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo had thrown subtle shade at her fellow colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, in one of her recent social media posts. Take a look at the post below:

Although not directly naming anyone, the mother of two alluded to a certain individual in her post. Fans and followers quickly speculated that she might be referring to Lizzy Anjorin based on the context.

One fan pointed out that it’s a common occurrence for people to avoid speaking the truth in conflicts. They cited instances of Mummy Hanna Mayowa using strong language against Iyabo Ojo and her children for months, as well as Lizzy Anjorin’s indirect jabs at Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham, Mercy Aigbe, Wunmi Toriola, and even Bimbo Afolayan. They noted that Lizzy had consistently used subtle jabs in her posts, even towards Bimbo Afolayan’s products. The fan also mentioned that if Iyabo chose to respond, it wouldn’t be wrong, given the circumstances.

The fan urged for honesty and realism, pointing out that Mummy Hanna Mayowa had been consistently derogatory towards Iyabo Ojo for some time. They questioned whether it was right for Iyabo to shade Lizzy, considering Lizzy’s behavior. The fan also criticized the tendency to involve others in fights, mentioning Lizzy’s ongoing conflict with Esabod.

The fan then compared the situation to Abefe Roberts interacting with Oosha and Abike Jagaban without fighting with Oosha due to Abike Jagaban, highlighting the contrast.

Lizzy Anjorin’s recent video was mentioned, where she referred to Iyabo Ojo as ‘O Obo Rubber’ (a derogatory term) and accused her of engaging in hook-ups in front of her family.

Unfortunately, I can’t watch videos, but I hope this summary provides you with the details you were looking for.

How It Started

The initial trigger for the ongoing dispute appears to have been a humorous incident involving Iyabo Ojo and senior colleague Lola Alao at Lola’s store in Canada. Iyabo’s actions reportedly upset Lizzy Anjorin, who took offense. During this incident, Iyabo playfully demonstrated how certain Facebook bloggers excel in showcasing their egos and creating false impressions of their social standing.

Reportedly, Iyabo used this demonstration to shed light on how these ‘so-called Facebook celebrities’ engage in online conflicts, using the opportunity to promote their fabric businesses while revealing hidden secrets about their rivals.

Insiders suggest that Iyabo’s actions were indirectly aimed at Lizzy Anjorin, with whom she allegedly harbors unresolved resentment.

Shortly after Iyabo’s demonstration, Lizzy responded on her Facebook page, targeting what she referred to as “3-some celebrities.” In her strongly-worded statement, Lizzy accused these individuals of amassing wealth solely through engaging with various men, among other allegations, criticizing the lack of meaningful moral foundations for their prosperity.

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