“So Na This Kind Man You Fit Kiss”– Jigan Babaoja Bl@st Actress Damilola Oni Has She Share Beautiful Pictures With Yomi Fashlanso Online

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Prominent Yoruba actress, Damilola Oni, caused quite a stir with her recent share of a captivating picture alongside Yomi Fashlanso on the set of the movie “Borokini.”

In the photo, both actors were adorned in matching Aso-Ofi (traditional Yoruba cloth), presenting a striking visual. Damilola Oni radiated beauty and elegance in the attire.

Mere hours after the post surfaced online, Jigan Babaoja was quick to step into the comments section, raising an eyebrow about whether these are the kind of individuals she’s willing to share a kiss with. The picture’s second slide indicated that the actress was playfully pressing her cheek against Yomi Fashlanso’s.

The entertainment world is certainly buzzing with reactions over this intriguing capture.

Jigan Babaoja’s query arose from the actress’s prior refusal to engage in a kiss with him during a movie shoot a few months ago. The present situation, where Damilola Oni was pictured cheek-to-cheek with Yomi Fashlanso, prompted Jigan to question whether these are the individuals she is now willing to share a kiss with.

This incident stirred up chaos online, with people voicing their queries about why she declined to kiss Jigan earlier. The public was perplexed by her stance, leading to widespread questioning as to why she rejected Jigan’s kiss, firmly asserting that nothing he could do would change her decision.

In response, Jigan Babaoja penned, “Alright then, is this the kind of man you can kiss now??”

Witness the whirlwind of reactions on social media to this post:

Whykay_vado: @jiganbabaoja, life has its twists, doesn’t it? 😂 But here’s an idea for you, bro. Produce a movie where she becomes your wife on-screen. Make it a romance-packed film with 55 romantic scenes, full of French kissing. But Baba, be ready, she might charge you for it! 😂

Adebisi_princess: @jiganbabaoja, it seems this kiss matter won’t fade away anytime soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tesguru: This series was my introduction to you, and my whole family fell in love with your acting since then. Can’t wait to watch this one. Cheers to you, superstar Dami! 🙌👏

Okute_tyn: Babaoja, it’s time to move on, it’s in the past now. Or is it still stinging you? 🌶️

Wale_geo: Jigan Baba Oja, what’s going on? Leave my girlfriend alone! 😁😁😁

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