“Settle Where You Get Happiness” – Bimpe Akintunde says after becoming third wife of a movie producer

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Actress Bimpe Akintunde has shattered conventional wisdom with a powerful message to her followers, proving that happiness knows no boundaries when it comes to age.

Recently, Bimpe Akintunde celebrated her union with U.S.-based producer, Yousuph O Ganiu, in a Nikai ceremony held on Sunday, June 25th.

As Bimpe Akintunde embraced her new role as the third wife of a respected movie producer, she took to social media to emphasize that age should never hinder the pursuit of happiness.

She shared, “Age should never be a barrier to discovering happiness in love!!! May every woman yearning, wishing, and praying for genuine happiness find it in a miraculous manner, God willing. 🙏💚 Today, allow me to be my Woman Crush Wednesday!! I’ve been resilient for far too long!!! But God intervened in a miraculous way. ❤️ Truly, our God is consistently punctual. 👍👌 #EmbracingHappiness #KeyToJoy #FindYourHappiness #MiraculousLove #TimingIsEverything #WCW”

Revisiting a few weeks ago, actress Bimpe Akintunde joyously united in wedlock with her beloved, Yousuph O Ganiu, on Sunday, June 25th.

Sharing snapshots from their wedding event, Bimpe extended her heartfelt gratitude to the divine for the successful Nikai ceremony.

She also conveyed her appreciation to her spouse and co-wives for their affection and acceptance.

“This is the doing of the Lord; it’s indeed remarkable in our view. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Ganiu. Immense thanks to the Almighty Allah for a prosperous HAKIDU NIKAI. Gratitude to my dear husband, as I always fondly call you. My co-wives, your love and embrace mean a lot. Expressing appreciation to the entire Ganiu family who joined us today. Special acknowledgment to my family, friends, and well-wishers worldwide. I hold dear and value every kind word and prayer. May the Almighty Allah guide me through this journey.”

The actress’s decision to engage in this distinctive marital arrangement has elicited both admiration and curiosity from her fans and the public. While some might question the non-traditional aspect of her choice, Bimpe remains resolute in her conviction that life is to be embraced wholeheartedly, irrespective of age.

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