“People Requested For It And We’re Going To Give Them”– Femi Adebayo Says As He Hinted The Release Date For JAGUN JAGUN Part 2 (Details)

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The filmmaker’s distinct viewpoint on the unwavering commitment and diligent efforts demonstrated by the cast, crew, and the filmmaker themselves during the production of the immensely successful film “Jagun Jagun” instills a sense of delight, reinforcing the confidence that the future of Nollywood rests in capable hands.

Famed figure in Nollywood, Femi Adebayo, shared captivating anecdotes about the enthralling occurrences that unfolded prior to, during, and after the creation of his remarkable blockbuster, “Jagun Jagun,” in a recent electrifying interview.

With subtle hints of a potential sequel, the director alludes to forthcoming developments while basking in the limelight of the immensely triumphant “Jagun-Jagun,” which has ignited animated discussions across various social media platforms subsequent to its recent grand premiere.

Transitioning from his former role as a Nollywood actor to a filmmaker, Femi Adebayo recently delved into the numerous challenges and unparalleled dedication he encountered while crafting his viral and widely talked-about cinematic masterpiece, “Jagun Jagun.”

In a recent appearance on TVC’s ‘Your View,’ the movie luminary disclosed that a sequel is currently in the works for “Jagun Jagun,” thereby confirming the impending release of the movie’s second installment.


He noted that the filming process spanned a duration of 45 days, with the movie’s scenes and physical settings predominantly located in Oyo, Oyo State.

Adebayo went on to elaborate that the cast and crew underwent an intensive three-month training regimen before the commencement of filming.

Recalling several unforeseen challenges and dramatic incidents during the shoot, he recounted a particular event in which actor Lateef Adedimeji suffered a leg fracture during the initial scene.

Expressing his emotions, Adebayo disclosed that Lateef, feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, had concerns about being replaced despite having wholeheartedly devoted himself to the project.


He provided additional details, explaining that the war school and all other structures were constructed from the ground up.

“Hakeem Effect is the mastermind behind the portrayal of the AGEMO character (including the agility, lighting effects, etc.), although the concept itself was conceived by Femi Adebayo.

The film conveys a message to all Nigerian youths – it’s a reminder that nobody will come to their rescue if they don’t stand up for themselves, akin to how Gbotija and other students took a stand against Ogundiji.

The movie has been well-received by everyone. The concept of JAGUN JAGUN was already in place before I produced ‘King of Thieves.’ I chose to produce ‘King of Thieves’ first to test the market,” Adebayo explained during the interview.

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