Kemi Afolabi expresses her sorrow while taking her children on a shopping spree for back-to-school supplies (Video).

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Nollywood star Kemi Afolabi expresses her feelings after treating her kids to a shopping spree in preparation for their school return.

Through her Instagram, the mother of one posted a video depicting her shopping expedition with her daughter and two other children.

Kemi shared her thoughts on the extensive back-to-school shopping she’s been engaged in for the past few days.

In a prayerful message directed at parents as their children prepare to head back to school, she sought God’s provision.

“In the midst of overwhelming back-to-school shopping, dear parents, may God’s assistance be with you.”

Kemi Afolabi opens up about her emotions as her daughter reaches the age of 13.

Recently, Kemi Afolabi celebrated her daughter, Oluwadarasimi, on her 13th birthday.

In a heartfelt message on her Instagram, she described her sole child as an extraordinary gift, considering that God allowed her to remain in her life.

She acknowledged her daughter as the wellspring of her fortitude, acknowledging that her daughter’s presence had prevented her from surrendering to life’s challenges.

Observing her daughter’s transformation from an infant to a remarkable, astonishing, and lovely teenager has been the utmost privilege of her existence.

Counting down to her daughter’s birthday, Kemi Afolabi reminisced about the day her daughter was born.

She recounted the tale of having her daughter when she was thirty, despite her uncertainties about motherhood.

Kemi Afolabi emphasized that her 13-year-old daughter is a spot-on achievement and an embodiment of her dreams come true.

Sharing a touching video with her daughter, where they express their deepest wishes, the actress yearned for boundless memories, joyful moments, and exciting adventures.

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