“I’m currently valued at ₦930 million. It hasn’t been simple to distance myself from girls,” Sabinus candidly reveals.

Written by fazazy39

Distinguished Nigerian comedic artist, the renowned Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, affectionately known as the charismatic Sabinus, ignited a digital firestorm with his recent revelations, as he unveiled personal insights and provided an electrifying glimpse into his financial prowess.

Engaging directly with his loyal supporters, the content creator took to Instagram’s story feature to address a myriad of fan-generated queries. He touched upon topics ranging from his financial status to the timing of his most recent romantic escapade, his culinary preferences, and an array of other captivating inquiries.

When prompted about his net worth, Sabinus boldly unveiled a substantial N930 million in his possession.

In response to inquiries about his most recent intimate encounter, he candidly shared that it had occurred almost two months ago.

Regarding his relationship status, Sabinus responded with a definitive “no,” although this acknowledgment doesn’t necessarily mean he’s unattached, as he’s currently engaged to his fiancée.

Sabinus also expressed a strong fondness for Okro soup as his favorite meal, and he proudly declared his allegiance to Liverpool FC as his preferred football club.


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