“People fabricate lies against you when when they don’t have access to your secret”- Olakunle Churchill speaks on alleged separation from wife

Written by fazazy39

Businessman and philanthropist Olakunle Churchill has addressed recent divorce rumors concerning his marriage to actress Rosy Meurer. As reported by GISTLOVER, speculations about their marital issues circulated online.

According to an extensive Instagram post by the blogger Gistlover, the alleged split was attributed to infidelity and domestic violence. The blog also claimed that Olakunle Churchill hasn’t been staying at home and has been physically abusive towards Rosy.

Contrary to Olakunle Churchill’s notable achievements online, the blog asserted that Rosy is the one contributing financially to the family. Additionally, the blog stated that Churchill has a mistress, which is supposedly the cause of their conflict, and he’s been publicly seen with her, leading to embarrassment for Rosy.

Responding to the situation on his Instagram page, Olakunle Churchill acknowledged that people tend to gravitate towards negative news over positive news. He remarked that while good news prompts silence, terrible news spreads rapidly.

He acknowledged his inability to control others’ opinions about him and chose to concentrate on self-improvement and his goals.

Olakunle Churchill further mentioned that the same individuals who criticize him may eventually celebrate his achievements.

When positive news surrounds you, silence follows. Negative news, on the other hand, spreads swiftly. In the absence of information, people create stories.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that you have no control over others’ words or perceptions of you. Redirect your energy towards becoming the finest rendition of yourself and stay dedicated to your path. The very same voices that criticize you might one day celebrate your success”

Maintain your focus!”

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