“Devil Tried But God Proved Himself”Actress Lizzy Jay (Omo Ibadan) Says She survives terrible car accident 11 Days To Her Birthday.

Written by fazazy39

Renowned comedian Adeyela Adebola, better known as Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan, narrowly escaped a potentially fatal car accident mere months before her upcoming birthday.

Taking to social media, the comedic actress shared the distressing incident along with a photograph of the extensively damaged car.

Detailing the occurrence, she revealed that the accident transpired 11 days prior, just a short span away from her birthday.

In a poignant post, she conveyed her gratitude towards God for sparing her life and granting her the opportunity to see another day.

Her words read, “Endured a Severe Accident 11 days ago (Merely a Month Ahead of my Birthday). My SUV suffered complete destruction. While I typically prefer not to share my personal matters openly, this stands as a testimony to God’s endless mercy.

Despite the car’s utter ruin, no lives were lost. God demonstrated His presence. The Devil attempted, yet God reigns supreme.”

NOTE: This Image Was Captured by the Mechanic at the Repair Garage where the Vehicle was towed. Following an accident, it’s clear that the initial instinct wouldn’t typically involve taking photographs or videos for social media.”

Her social media followers and peers from the entertainment sphere inundated her post with an outpouring of supportive messages, prayers, and kind sentiments.

Numerous individuals expressed their relief that she emerged from the accident with minimal harm.

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