“This is Absolutely Super” – Social Media Users Applaud Lateef Adedimeji and Mo Bimpe as They Attend ‘Kesari the King’ Movie Premiere in Authentic Warrior Attire (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Esteemed Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji and his actress wife, Mo Bimpe, captured significant admiration as they graced the premiere of their colleague Itele’s movie, “Kesari the King.”

The grand premiere of “Kesari the King” took place on Sunday, August 20th, drawing a multitude of celebrities to the event.

Lateef, known for his remarkable performance in Femi Adebayo’s movie “Jagun Jagun,” attended the premiere with his family, showcasing their support for Itele.

Both the renowned couple took to their respective social media accounts to exhibit their striking ensembles. Clad in leather and fur outfits, armed with spears, they embodied a commanding and fearless warrior appearance.

View the video here:

Fans and followers flooded their page with compliments, expressing their admiration in various comments:

  • khaphie_kollections commented, “Forget @mo_bimpe is fine❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
  • meana_hair exclaimed, “This is amazingly amazing. You both look so bold and there’s just this glow you both have rubbed on each other 😍…. Marry right ooo e get why! I am also in awe of the amazing work you’ve done recently, sir! @adedimejilateef Your boldness and the excitement you exude is truly remarkable. It speaks volumes about the cultural heritage you represent. I want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate you and every other Yoruba actor who has dedicated so much time and resources to preserving Yoruba culture and making it even more prominent, especially in these modern times. You all deserve all the accolades! Also, I must commend the excellent video edits – they are absolutely 🔥!”
  • bornbyblackers said, “The Iyawo alhaji @mo_bimpe 😍 Na bad fashion designer 😮❤️ The outfits for Legend Only 🙌🔥❤️.”
  • its.mini.mo remarked, “Assignment was understood 💯❤️🙌 Take all my❤️❤️❤️❤️minessss😘😘.”
  • official_mini_mo expressed, “I Can’t Get Over Their Cuteness For Real 🥰😍 My Adorable Mama and Papa🤍🤍🖤🖤🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥.”
  • _____beva commented, “Marriage like this God pls 🤲😍❤️🙏 very supportive and so obsessive.”

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