“My Wife Is A Dog, 18 of my 20 friends Slept With My Wife” – Husband of lady who attempted to jump into Lagos lagoon spills (Video)

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The husband of Fareedah Sobowale, the Nigerian woman who gained online attention, has disclosed a surprising detail about his wife.

The skincare vendor, residing in Surulere, Lagos state, had parked her car on the third mainland bridge, seemingly with the intention of jumping into the lagoon. Thankfully, passersby intervened and saved her.

According to her spouse, she expressed thoughts of suicide due to their marriage falling apart merely two months after their lavish N100 million wedding, which she had financed on her own.

On the other hand, her husband defended himself by revealing that his wife had been unfaithful. He claimed that Fareedah had engaged in relationships with 18 out of his 20 friends.

In a leaked conversation, he stated, “I am incredibly wealthy, residing in a 22-bedroom mansion. If I count 20 of my friends, Pharreda has been involved with 18 of them. When I returned to Nigeria from abroad in 2009, Pharreda arrived in Lagos in 2010.

In that same year, I took her to the Chinese embassy so she could start her business of buying and selling items from China, all while she was calling me a philanderer.

During that year, I advised her to cease contact with one of my friends. She disregarded my warning, continued her involvement with him, even after being cautioned.”

“She went and informed my friend that I had advised her to cease her association with him. Surprisingly, that same friend conveyed to me that my partner is engaging in promiscuous behavior. I made it clear to my friend not to disrespect Pharreda.”

“My brother is my next-door neighbor, and Pharreda used to frequent my brother’s house. Additionally, an individual named Alhaji in my vicinity also disclosed to me that he was having a relationship with Pharreda.”

“Pharreda accused me of being a philanderer, yet I reside in a 22-bedroom mansion. My brother’s duplex is located adjacent to my own house, and Pharreda would spend extended periods of time at my brother’s place. I inquired about her frequent visits and questioned whether she intended to initiate an involvement with my brother as well.”

“I am not a philanderer, and my father is exceedingly affluent. I’ve consistently flown first class, and you can inquire about it with anyone in London. In 2015, she was actually staying at my residence. In fact, it was from my house that she entered into marriage with her first husband, Tunde Shobowale. During the same year, I was deeply involved in political activities alongside Dayo Amosun. I invested $2 million in a bid for a seat in the House of Representatives. However, I eventually withdrew from the race due to political complications.”

“When I initially became acquainted with Farida, she was economically disadvantaged. There was a particular instance when I was involved with her intimately, and an Alhaji came knocking at my door, accusing me of being involved with his girlfriend, Farida, who was making quite a noise.”

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