“He is facing a lot” – Fans expresses as Damola Olatunji shares deeply emotional written words (Read more)

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A few days ago, Damola Olatunji, the former husband of Bukola Arugba, shared a captivating narrative on his Instagram profile, delving into the journey of life.

In his post, the actor expounds on the idea that pursuing a path guided by life’s challenges is more rewarding than opting for an effortless route.

He emphasizes the significance of including God in all aspects of our endeavors, as God alone can guide us onto a righteous and fruitful path.

The actor appears to be grappling with personal emotional struggles, which seem to be comprehensible to him alone. It’s worth noting that his wife, Bukola Arugba, recently communicated the end of their relationship through legal channels, potentially contributing to his emotional turmoil.

Captioning his post with “Life is a JOURNEY,” the actor shares a profound insight: Rather than following established paths that lack challenges, he advises forging new trails. He emphasizes that if all challenges were known from the start, many wouldn’t embark on their journeys at all. The focus, he suggests, should be on the journey itself, not just the destination. The joy lies in the process, not merely in completion.

He further advocates resilience by referencing a progression from crawling to walking, running, and flying, underlining the importance of consistent forward movement. He underscores the significance of prioritizing God’s guidance throughout life’s journey.

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