“You’re Too proud, don’t defend yourself with show-off”- Islamic cleric Bl@st Lizzy Anjorin

Written by fazazy39

A renowned Islamic cleric and scholar has offered valuable guidance to well-known Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin concerning her behavior on social media platforms.

Using his social media account, the cleric addressed Lizzy Anjorin’s tendencies towards boasting and pride in her online actions.

He expressed, “Alhaja, if you happen to come across this message, I urge you to take my advice seriously. I’ve recently observed some of your videos, and your words have been misused by people.

The truth is, if someone listens closely to your words, they can detect an air of arrogance. For instance, you make statements like, ‘Can you see my chain? Can you see my gold? I’ve been wearing it even before the Chinese began producing it.

I used it before Saudi Arabia did.’ There are several more statements that come across as self-important.

Undoubtedly, God has blessed you, and jealousy from others is inevitable. However, you can’t shield yourself through ostentation, and that’s what you’re unintentionally doing.”

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