“Surprising sources can lead to disappointment” Omowunmi Ajiboye seeks a fresh start, sparking speculations of a separation from Segun Ogungbe.

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Nollywood actress Omowunmi Ajiboye has stirred discussions with her pursuit of happiness.

In recent days, rumors of separation have swirled around her marriage to actor and filmmaker Segun Ogungbe.

Omowunmi has added fuel to the speculations through her pursuit of happiness and a cryptic message.

The actress revealed that life has taught her not to place her reliance on others, but rather to place her faith in God. She pointed out how depending on people can result in letdowns, often from the least expected sources.

Having learned this lesson, she is now directing her focus toward her own happiness, confident that God’s support is unwavering.

“ANIKE… Life’s teachings have led me to place my trust not in people, but in God. Putting faith in humans can lead to disappointment; sometimes it’s the least likely person who may disappoint us. This is a lesson I’ve come to understand. Instead, I put my trust in God, who never fails. I’m concentrating on my own happiness, knowing that God is on my side and I am favored by Him.”

Segun Ogungbe and second wife, Wunmi Ajiboye allegedly part ways

Back in June, Naijalegit released a report suggesting that Segun Ogungbe and Wunmi Ajibboye, his second wife, have reportedly gone their separate ways.

Gist Lover, an Instagram gossip platform, published a report claiming that the marriage between Segun Ogungbe and Wunmi Ajiboye has encountered difficulties.

According to the blog, Segun Ogungbe struggled to comprehend Wunmi Ajiboye’s way of life, her perspectives on gender, and her decision to engage in extramarital relationships. Allegedly, this has led to their relationship falling apart, and Wunmi Ajiboye has supposedly decided to end the marriage.Read more here

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