“I am now free from days of worry,” exclaims Debbie Shokoya, as she celebrates the blessings in her life despite experiencing the loss of her pregnancy.”

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Despite her loss, Nigerian actress from the Nollywood industry, Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, widely recognized as Debbie Shokoya, is nurturing her hope for the future.

Taking to her Instagram, the Yoruba actress shares her joy and takes stock of her blessings.

Debbie emphasizes that her days of concern have come to an end, replaced by a period of celebration.

Encouraging her followers to find joy in the divine, she proclaims that she stands as an unshakable house constructed by the Lord, impervious to destruction.

“The era of worrying has concluded… A time of jubilation is upon us.
Child of covenant!!
Find happiness in the Lord.

DEBORAH, The Unwavering Foundation.
You are a dwelling fashioned by the Lord, invulnerable to ruin.”

Debbie Shokoya shares her experience of pregnancy loss

In a report by Kemi Filani, actress Debbie Shokoya recently opened up about the heartbreaking loss of her pregnancy. In an emotional video shared on her Instagram, she tearfully recounted the distressing incident where she tragically miscarried at eight months.

Debbie revealed that her pregnancy was widely known, and she had embarked on a journey with hopes of returning with her child. Sadly, unforeseen events led to her miscarriage, leaving her devastated. Despite the difficult situation, she implored others not to judge her, as she had invested a great deal emotionally and physically in her unborn child.

Through tears, she expressed the profound bond she had formed with her child before the tragedy struck.

Debbie Shokoya’s return to her regular routine

Following the painful loss of her unborn child, Debbie Shokoya is preparing to rebuild her life.

Announcing her comeback on Instagram, the actress, who had taken a hiatus from the entertainment industry to focus on her child, revealed her readiness to resume work. Debbie disclosed that she would be back to work in September and eagerly anticipates receiving scripts from directors, marketers, and brands.

She also took the opportunity to extend her gratitude to everyone who supported her with encouraging words and prayers during this challenging time, acknowledging that all is well.

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