“Even If Na Next Year You Enter Nigeria, You’ll Meet Me In Your Mansion Here”- Moment where Davido’s cycling fan, Emmiwuks, his supporters, storm Singer’s Lekki man (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a remarkable and dramatic twist of events, even amidst Davido’s ongoing international journey, Emmiwuks, an ardent cycling enthusiast and dedicated admirer of the singer, undertook an extraordinary voyage from Benue to Lagos. His sole mission was to meet his musical idol, and in a fearless display, he orchestrated a spirited intrusion at the singer’s opulent Lekki residence late yesterday.

Captured in a captivating live video, Emmiwuks was joined by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, racing and gliding in vehicles along the road, passionately chanting ‘Timeless’ and Davido’s nickname in the shroud of darkness. Amid this scene, he pedaled his bicycle with unwavering determination, on his way to the musician’s lavish abode.

Eventually, they arrived at the sprawling expanse of the singer’s mansion, their voices echoing as they chanted his name outside the entrance gate.

A subset of the group engaged in discussions with the security personnel, who were seen advising them against recording live videos any further.

As anticipated, the singer was absent from the location. Nevertheless, Emmiwuks conveyed his contentment, considering his mission accomplished merely by reaching the singer’s residence.

He conveyed sincere appreciation to all those who supported him throughout his audacious journey from Benue.

Watch the video below:

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