Fans Shade Tonto Dikeh after she claimed that she personally doesn’t know any actor in ‘Jagun Jagun’, Femi Adebayo replied

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Nollywood luminary Tonto Dikeh recently stirred up a wave of responses when she disclosed her lack of familiarity with any of the actors in the film “Jagun Jagun.” The creation of Femi Adebayo, this movie has garnered substantial attention both in Nigeria and on the global platform.

In an unforeseen social media update, Tonto Dikeh confessed that she hadn’t engaged with a Nigerian film for more than a decade. Nonetheless, her experience changed after finally viewing “Jagun Jagun,” leaving her profoundly moved and entranced.

Characterizing “Jagun Jagun” as an outstanding cinematic creation, Tonto praised the commendable endeavors of the film’s crew and cast. She pointed out that she had no personal connections with any of the individuals associated with the movie, and her choice to watch it was motivated by recommendations from her international acquaintances.

Tonto underscored that her decision to watch the movie was solely based on the recommendation of her international friends, and she clarified that she didn’t have personal connections with any of the cast or crew.

In her own words, “This is my review for the very first Nigerian movie I’ve watched in over 10/12 years!!!!! I was surprised; I believe this is an incredible film. I don’t personally know anyone in this movie (from production to crew), but I watched it by popular demand through my international friends, and I must say I’m astonished! Well done to the producers, crew, and the cast!”

Her statement about not watching Nigerian movies and being unfamiliar with the cast of “Jagun Jagun” drew criticism from some quarters:

  • “First time watching a Nigerian movie… don’t know anyone in the movie… Unnecessary information that no one needs to hear.”
  • “You don’t know anyone in the movie? Really?”
  • “Turning not watching your own country’s movies into a flex. Alright.”
  • “Nobody asked her if she knows them personally or if she doesn’t watch Nigerian movies. That’s your choice, keep it to yourself.”

Femi Adebayo, the producer of “Jagun Jagun,” stepped into Tonto Dikeh’s comment section to defend her.

He clarified that Tonto’s use of “personally” indicated that she didn’t have a close relationship with the cast or crew, hence her review wasn’t influenced by sentiment. He wrote, “Thank you, Tonto. Please understand that in this context, ‘personally’ means we’re not close, hence no bias in her review. Please let it be. Thank you so much. I appreciate you all.”

Tonto responded, suggesting they should use their energy to get to know each other better, and expressed appreciation for his response.

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