“Do You Have That Mind To be New Kanayo? Let’s Convene At 2 am” – Kanayo Kanayo replies Portable after he declared himself the new Kanayo (Video)

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Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has scheduled a meeting with singer Portable, following Portable’s declaration of interest in inheriting Kanayo’s ritualistic persona.

As previously reported by Naijalegit, Portable had boldly claimed to be the new incarnation of Kanayo Kanayo, while mistakenly advocating for occult practices to amass wealth.

Throughout his career, Kanayo has become renowned for his portrayal of characters involved in money ritual activities.

In an Instagram post, Portable openly identified himself as a ritualist and self-proclaimed successor to Kanayo Kanayo‘s legacy.

Expressing disagreement with the harmful advice, Kanayo arranged a rendezvous with the singer, instructing him to meet at a late and eerie hour.

“My dear brother Zazuu, let’s convene at 2 am.”

Kanayo Kanayo discusses his nocturnal rituals.

Recalling a moment when Kanayo Kanayo’s comments about his portrayal of night sacrifices in movies turned into a social media meme, the veteran actor addressed the topic in a brief conversation with Chude Jideonwo.

In a short video segment, Kanayo Kanayo clarified that he is not actually involved in any form of sacrifice and firmly stated that his focus is on his faith in Jesus.

The esteemed actor, known for his respected position in Nollywood, humorously mentioned that he would continue to enact night sacrifices in films as long as they bring money to his account.

In response to his fellow actor, Alex Ekubo, Kanayo emphasized that he understands the concept of sacrificing today for a better tomorrow.

He went on to emphasize that there are no shortcuts to achieving success, accomplishments, or a fulfilling life without putting in hard work and making sacrifices.

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