“Freaky Freaky daddy Ashewo” – Taaooma screams as she Caught Mr Macaroni with a lady, makes video of them (Watch)

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Famous comedian Taaooma let out a scream when she unexpectedly spotted Mr Macaroni driving away with a lady.

In the video, Mr Macaroni and the young woman were inside his car, getting ready to leave.

Playfully ribbing them, Taaooma started yelling and jokingly referred to Mr Macaroni as an ‘Ashawo’ (a humorous term for a prostitute). In response, Mr Macaroni clarified that the lady was with him for counseling.

Taaooma kept on screaming at the highest pitch, playfully calling them ‘Ashawo’ as they drove away. The lady seemed a little shy as she closed the car window.

View the amusing video below:

In a related development, a hilariously entertaining video featuring Yoruba movie veteran Fathia Williams has surfaced. In the video, Fathia offers a one-of-a-kind commentary on the absolutely charming on-screen romance between colleagues Mr. Macaroni and Bimbo Ademoye. The video has left internet users in fits of laughter.

Fathia, Mr. Macaroni, and Bimbo all graced the screen with their exceptional performances in distinct roles for the recently released Netflix movie “Jagun Jagun,” brought to life by Nollywood star and box office sensation Femi Adebayo.

Adding to the excitement, intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the trio have made their way onto the internet.

Captured on camera, Mr. Macaroni, also known as Freaky Freaky Daddy, is seen in an affectionate embrace, tightly holding and hugging the delightful Bimbo Ademoye. Her expression reflects the unmistakable aura of someone immersed in the captivating depths of love.

In the midst of this affectionate scene, Fathia Balogun strolls into view and can’t help but pause. Her voice rings out as she encourages them to take it easy and playfully teases Bimbo about avoiding any unexpected pregnancy surprises.

Watch the video below ⬇️

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