“All Isn’t Real”: Designer Shares How Mud House on a Rock in JAGUN JAGUN Movie Was Made, Many Stunned.

Written by fazazy39

Actor Femi Adebayo’s film “Jagun Jagun” has garnered attention in Nollywood, especially with new revelations emerging online.

A recent update from David_de_creator, a designer on the movie’s set, disclosed that the digitally created mud house perched on a rock in the film was not an actual physical structure.

David, the creator, expressed,

“I was also in charge of crafting this edifice, utilized as an extension of Ogundiji’s (@realfemiadebayo) mansion in the #JagunJagunMovie. I extend my gratitude to @niyiakinmolayan and @EUmusu for granting me artistic liberty during the course of this project.”

View a tweet from the designer responding to a netizen’s inquiry about the authenticity of the building.

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