“You Can’t Bring Me Down Enemy Of Progress”– Actress Kemity Says As She Was mocked For Flaunts Her Banging Body At An Event (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian movie sensation, Oluwakemisola Apeson Ariyo, known by her popular alias Kemity, has ignited a buzz online with her remarkable appearance at a recent event.

An online video captured the Yoruba actress exuding confidence as she flaunted her perfectly proportioned physique during the gathering.

In the video, the talented actress proudly displayed her curvaceous backside and ample front, commanding the spotlight and capturing the attention of all those in attendance.

The video quickly sparked a flurry of online discussions, with many taking the opportunity to criticize the mother of four.

Watch the complete video below:

Check out the reactions on social media:

  • Ibukunojeadetule: One commenter, Wow Faces By Moyo, remarked, “This is the result of using a waist trainer.”
  • One Richies Barbie commented: “Tacky.”
  • One Rahama Fabrics expressed: “It’s regrettable.”
  • One Sena Bosede questioned, “Where’s the supposed ‘banging body’? Slippers for breasts and exaggerated rear end. What would you call that Ghanaian girl who’s an actress? You’re just promoting nonsense.”
  • One Rozay Conquer stated: “Your breasts have already divided.”
  • One Omelletz asked: “What’s so impressive about this?”
  • One Temitayo Liz criticized: “Shameless individuals.”
  • One Anyiok inquired: “Does she even believe her body is impressive? She should get a mirror because evidently, she lacks one.”
  • One Simply Bk remarked: “If ‘tacky’ were a person… shaking my head.”

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