“I Carry Pregnancy For 8month In Vein”- Actress Debbie Shokoya In Tears As She Opens Up On Her 8 Month Pregnancy loss (Video)

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Nollywood star Debbie Shokoya, known as Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, is currently facing a challenging time as she mourns the loss of her unborn child. In an emotional video posted on her Instagram, the beloved actress opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage, which occurred when she was eight months pregnant.

She shared that her pregnancy had been publicly known, and she had been looking forward to welcoming her baby after a trip. Sadly, unexpected events resulted in the tragic loss of her pregnancy.

While making a heartfelt plea for understanding and compassion, she shared how she had endured numerous hardships and made sacrifices for the sake of her unborn baby, intensifying the pain of the pregnancy loss.

With tears in her eyes, she expressed the profound difficulty of her journey, having developed a strong emotional connection with her child before facing the devastating loss.

“I want to be the one to share my own story, and that’s why I’m creating this video at this moment.

Almost everyone was aware of Debbie Shokoya’s pregnancy. Gratefully, she disclosed the sad news of losing her baby when she was eight months pregnant.

It’s a reminder that I have the choice of what to discuss. If there’s something I choose not to address, I won’t bring it up.

I implore you to handle your words with care, recognizing their deep impact. As a mother, I carried my child for eight months and made significant sacrifices.

I’m well aware of the hurdles I’ve faced. Despite embarking on a journey with the anticipation of returning with my baby, I believe God has His reasons, isn’t that so?

The journey has been unbelievably tough. I nurtured my child for eight months, formed an unbreakable bond, and yet, tragically, I lost my child.

Watch the video below:”

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