How Did You Get Police Job Self” – Nigerians reacts to embarrassing video of Police Officers counting 1-100.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian citizens have turned to social media to respond after a video emerged online, depicting police officers struggling to articulate themselves during a head count.

The video showcases what seems to be a cluster of police officers attempting to count from 1 to 100. Nonetheless, a portion of these officers fared miserably in adhering to the sequential count.

The sight left social media users bewildered, prompting speculation about whether these officers even attended primary school, let alone secondary school.

Furthermore, questions arose regarding the officers’ capability to comprehend and uphold the constitution through reading.

Here are the responses:

official_santiago_1: These guys are a disgrace. They can’t even count to a hundred. May they receive their just consequences at the station.

djteewyse19: Fifty 😂😂

swizz04: How are these individuals expected to comprehend the law’s regulations?

da__mi123: I can’t stop laughing. Please, let nobody laugh so hard they pee on themselves 😂😂😂😂

hynezz_bobo: Ignorant officers 🚶

evayoung_photography: I’m still stuck on Android 1 here. Join me if that’s what you heard too.

danteblaad: Hey there, pipe down 🤣. How on earth are these ones supposed to grasp the constitution?

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