“Happy Birthday Best Mum In Father Figure”- Twinz Love Celebrates Their Mum With 1Million Naira Cash Gift, As They Make Jest Of Their Father That Drop Them Long Time Ago.(watch)

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A blend of responses follows the notable skit creators Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji, recognized as Twinz Love, as they bestowed a substantial sum of one million Naira upon their mother during her birthday celebration.

Opting to commemorate their mother’s significant day in an extraordinary way, the twin siblings chose to present her with a heartfelt and sizable gift of one million Naira.

Twinz Love utilized their social media channels to showcase the touching instant when they pleasantly surprised their mother with the generous one million Naira gift.

They posted images of the moment of gifting and accompanied them with a caption that read, “Happy Birthday once again, mom ❤️. Love you so dearly, Maami @princess_adeyinka_. Click the link in our bio for her birthday surprise video 🥺. Grab your tissues. Special thanks to @royalhugssurprises for joining us even with our spontaneous surprise. You brought happiness to our mom. Much love ❤️🎉.”

While numerous individuals praised the twins for their benevolence and unwavering affection towards their mother, certain comments adopted a more light-hearted and playful tone.

Here are the reactions:

  • “Seems like karma arrived ahead of schedule for her ex-husband 😂. All those deadbeat fathers with the motto that no matter what, their child will eventually seek them out when they grow up… How’s that working out? 😂 Many children of single mothers will draw inspiration from these girls. Just keep having fun 😂. Congratulations, beautiful mom. Thank God you’re alive and well to relish the fruits of your hard work. More blessings to the girls 🙏.”
  • “Well stated. Karma came early indeed. Someone once mentioned that not all longevity is a blessing. I pray that God grants all the irresponsible fathers a long life to witness their neglected children prosper and succeed. May God grant the single mothers out there who are going it alone a lengthy and healthy life to savor the rewards of their efforts. Amen. Likewise, may the same apply to the 0.01% of fathers who are truly pulling their weight without assistance. Kudos to you as well; you’re a rare breed.”
  • “The videos are so touching; they’re making me emotional. Mother of Twins, may your days be long, filled with good health and abundant wealth. May all your endeavors bear fruit.”
  • “Sending well wishes to your mom on her birthday, filled with love, good health, and more blessings. May you enjoy your children and to you girls, you’re akin to that poem we used to recite or read in the past: ‘kaka ki nbi eegba obin, ma kuku bi Okan soso oga, ma rohun gberaga, ma fi Yan araye loju’. Ask your mom to finish or read it to you. May God bless you for being exceptional daughters to your momma.”

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