“God Is Great”- A Man donated a plot of land in Lagos for actor Baba Otolo after The Sum Of 5million plus raised By Pastor Gabriel raised for him(watch)

Written by fazazy39

Following a surge of generous contributions from compassionate Nigerians and supporters, veteran actor Mustapha Bakare, fondly recognized as Otolo, is now one step nearer to achieving his aspiration of owning a place he can call home.

It’s worth noting that the actor recently turned to social media to make an earnest plea to fellow Nigerians, seeking aid to fulfill his ambition of becoming a homeowner.

Baba Otolo’s appeal garnered the notice of Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who emerged as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path to turning this dream into a tangible reality.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel paid a visit to Otolo’s residence, situated in his father’s home, along with his wife, and spearheaded the collection of a sum of N4 million Naira on behalf of the actor.

In a recent development, the actor paid a visit to the clergyman at his church. Pastor Gabriel conducted a live video session during which Baba Otolo was gifted an additional N1 million Naira and a complete plot of land in the Ikorodu region of Lagos State.

Feel free to watch the video below.

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