“Please Show Love To Me”– Actor Segun Ogungbe Says As He Beg For Support For His S8

Written by fazazy39

The well-known Yoruba actor and film producer has taken to his Instagram account to share a video of his son, Femi Ogungbe’s, latest song. He tagged numerous colleagues in the industry, seeking their support for the music.

Femi Ogungbe, who recently marked his birthday, has unveiled a new single track. His father, Segun Ogungbe, posted the videos on his Instagram account, revealing that the track is scheduled for release on the 19th of this month. 🎶🎉🎤

The actor shared the song’s introduction, and unbiasedly, the song appears to be quite good, given the guy’s impressive vocal abilities.

He earnestly requests his fellow colleagues to kindly support his son by expressing their affection for his song, urging them to repost it. He quotes a Yoruba saying: “Omo to ya ba bi ya ni o Jo,” which translates to “The child you birthed, even if they grow to become a crow, you should support.”

His message reads: “When words fall short, music takes over🎷🪗🎸🎺. Anticipate my son’s music track ‘DISCOVERY,’ releasing on the 19th of this month @omoogungbe_. Coming soon on all platforms. Please show your love and support. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕. The child you birthed…”

Shortly after sharing the video, colleagues and fans responded with affection, displaying significant interest in the song.

Check out the video below: 🎶🎥

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