“Asewo Alhaja” – Fans Drag Laide Bakare over her indecent mode of dressing despite being an Alhaja(watch).

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare found herself amidst a social media uproar as fans and followers flocked to her comment section to voice their disappointment and disapproval of her recent choice of attire. This controversy was further fueled by her Alhaja status, as fans expected her to uphold certain values.

Taking to social media, Laide Bakare shared a video in which she exposed a significant portion of her body, captioning it, “Embracing Summer Vibes 💃 😁.” However, this move didn’t sit well with her fans and followers, who swiftly conveyed their displeasure.

Many were let down by the fact that someone holding a respected title like Alhaja would opt for attire that, in their view, contradicted the principles and expectations connected to that designation.

Witness the reactions and the video below:

– Alhaja ought to reconsider her choice of clothing.

– Look at Alhaja, oh my!

– Alhaja isonu .

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