The Reason Why I rejected Davido’s money – Viral cyclist discloses

Written by fazazy39

Emmanuel Myam, widely recognized as Emmiwuks, the cyclist who gained widespread attention, recently provided insights into his decision to decline monetary assistance from singer Davido.

Just a few days ago, Intel Region covered the story of this dedicated and enthusiastic fan, who embarked on a bicycle journey from Benue to Lagos to meet his idol, Davido.

Davido responded to this remarkable endeavor by advising the young fan, who was already en route, to turn back, explaining that he wasn’t currently available at home.

Despite Davido’s advice, the determined young man remained resolute, expressing his determination not to give up until he meets the singer. He underlined that he possesses a special gift that he wishes to personally present to Davido.

Acknowledging the unyielding dedication of the cyclist, Davido, who evidently recognized the young man’s determination, eventually requested the cyclist’s bank account details. He advised him to return home and await his return.

In a recent interview with Legit.ng, the young man finally revealed the peculiar reason behind his decision to decline Davido’s monetary offer.

The cyclist disclosed that his motivation for embarking on this adventurous journey wasn’t fueled by monetary gain. Nevertheless, he maintained that he was open to the possibility of Davido personally bestowing his blessings upon him if he chose to do so. He articulated:

“I didn’t share my account details on Twitter, as Davido asked, because my main goal is to meet him and give him my gift. If he decides to bless me, that’s entirely up to him. Money isn’t my main focus; what matters most is finally meeting him, fulfilling my longing.”

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