“Since I Marry My Husband Never Touch Me,I’m Still Virgin”- 80Year Old Woman Says She is Still Pure, Hasn’t Slept with Any Man

Written by fazazy39

Annostacia Mukarukaka, an 80-year-old woman, astonishingly asserts her purity despite a past marriage of undisclosed duration.

“I was wedded to a man, yet he was involved with other women intimately. My understanding of the act of love only surfaced when my friends discussed it, prompted by my inquiries about our lack of intimacy. However, he disregarded me and departed,” she shared on Afrimax English.

Mukarukaka’s early years were marked by unhappiness, as her mother passed away when she was just four years old, resulting in her grandmother becoming her primary caregiver.

After a brief period, her grandmother also passed away, and the young girl found herself under the care of a stepmother who was rumored to be unkind. When this arrangement proved unsuccessful, she decided to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo in search of a livelihood.

“I learned that my family had spread news of my death, and upon hearing this, I returned to my home. However, upon my arrival, they mistook me for a ghost due to the rumors they had circulated,” she explained.

“They gave me medication so that I wouldn’t bother them even if I was a ghost. I resumed living with my stepmother, but she continued to treat me poorly,” Mukarukaka elaborated.

Her father’s passing further complicated her situation, leading her to marry the wrong man. Alone and devoid of children, friends, or family, she adapted to her solitary existence.

Mukarukaka’s swollen eyes are attributed to her partner’s infidelity and property disputes. Struggling to earn money for sustenance, she faces difficulty leaving her bed and finds solace in pictures of strangers.

Living in an unstable home, she utilizes the same dishes for cooking and eating. Mukarukaka’s essential head tremors likely contribute to her swollen eyes.

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