“Mood after jagun jagun grows massively” – Femi Adebayo dances energetically to Fuji song (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian movie star and film producer, Femi Adebayo, stirred up online chatter with his recent impressive dance moves.

A viral video showcased the Nollywood actor enthusiastically dancing to a Fuji song, prompting his fans to speculate that he was celebrating the success of his latest hit film, ‘Jagun Jagun.’

Released on Thursday, August 10, ‘Jagun Jagun’ has quickly gained attention after debuting on the popular streaming platform, Netflix.

In the video, Femi Adebayo could be seen playfully using a plastic bottle wrapped around a wooden stick, mimicking a standing microphone.

He swayed his waist rhythmically to the music while singing along.

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