“I am honored because You are easy to reason with” – Bimbo Afolayan shower praise at her husband, Okiki Afolayan for his support

Written by fazazy39

Bimbo Afolayan, a prominent figure in both the business and Nollywood scenes, took to her Instagram to extend her heartfelt appreciation to her husband, Okiki Afolayan.

She expressed gratitude for his unwavering support, for always being there to share in her humor, and for being a catalyst for positive change in her life. Bimbo also acknowledged that her time with him has brought forth more laughter and smiles, making her feel incredibly fortunate.

Bimbo reiterates the joy she finds in her husband’s company, emphasizing how being with him positively transforms her. She shares a heartfelt message on her Instagram, addressing her husband Okiki: “When I’m with you, I’m a better version of myself. I find myself smiling and laughing more.

You’re a blessing in my life. You’re someone I can easily talk to, and you even appreciate my dry jokes, lol. I value who you are, what you’ve done, and your ongoing efforts. With you, I experience happiness. I love you deeply, my husband and the father of our children.”

Their post attracted a shower of prayers and love from both fans and fellow celebrities:

  • @bimboafolayan, what’s all this whispering? Share your secret, congratulations dear! More victories ahead ❤️.
  • May you be shielded from death, illness, and troubles, by the grace of God. Ameen 🙏🤲.
  • May you remain united through life’s challenges, by God’s will.
  • May the Almighty continue to bless your household. Forever together ❤️.
  • This is so beautiful… congrats! 🎉 More success to come.

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