“Good Heart Dey Kill Person”– Yemi Elesho states the reason why he was killed in Femi Adebayo’s Jagun Jagun (Video)

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Renowned Nollywood actor and content creator, Yemi Elesho, recently discussed his part in the highly successful movie “Jagun Jagun,” directed by Femi Adebayo.

Yemi Elesho portrayed the character ‘Wehinwo’ in the film and shared insights about his role during an interview with vox-pop creator Egungun. “Jagun Jagun” narrates the tale of Ogunjimi, a formidable warlord feared both within and beyond his community.

The trainee warrior, Wehinwo, defies Ogunjimi’s orders by providing sustenance to the officials, ultimately resulting in his own demise.

Nevertheless, Yemi Elesho disclosed that his character’s demise in the movie was attributed to his benevolent nature.

The actor further shared that the film conveyed a valuable lesson to him: that there are constraints to acts of kindness.

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Elesho’s revelation sparked extensive responses from viewers on social media, leading to unstoppable laughter. They expressed their thoughts in the comments section, and a few of the reactions are provided below:

M!k💧🥹 commented, “Egbon brought frustration from the film into real life.”

Draymo remarked, “This person said ‘good belly’ 😂.”

moaare22 added, “Yemi Elesho, the Mr. Barbecue 😂.”

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