“Thank you, boss, for believing in me.” – Ibrahim Yekini showers praise on Femi Adebayo for giving him the opportunity to act in the “Jagun Jagun” movie

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Renowned Nigerian actor Ibrahim Yekini, who is widely recognized by his nickname “Itele,” utilized social media as a platform to convey his sincere gratitude to the esteemed actor and producer, Femi Adebayo.

The catalyst for this effusion of thankfulness was the remarkable chance that Femi Adebayo extended to Ibrahim Yekini to join the cast of the eagerly anticipated film, “Jagun Jagun.”

In the movie “Jagun Jagun,” Ibrahim Yekini, also known as Itele, takes on the role of Gbogunmi, a prominent figure within the storyline.

Taking to his social media accounts, Ibrahim Yekini expressed his deep gratitude in a heartfelt message, not only extending thanks to Femi Adebayo but also showering him with admiration for his unwavering faith in Ibrahim’s talent. He appreciated the incredible opportunity given to him to display his acting excellence in such a prestigious project.

He penned, “Gbogunmi, Son of Ogun, Son of Ogun, are we warriors or what……. 😀❤️✌️

@femiadebayosalami, I sincerely thank you, boss, for believing in me. We collaborated successfully in KING OF THIEVES, and now we’ve triumphed once again in JAGUN JAGUN.”

To my fans on Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms, I want to express my gratitude for the kind words and support. I am committed to consistently delivering my best 🙏.

“JAGUN JAGUN” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Additionally, brace yourselves for “KESARI the king,” which will grace all cinemas starting from the 25th of this month (August). Anticipate nothing less than another enchanting experience!

“Wo mo logun oo, Ogun nbe Lowo mi” 😀.

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