Iyabo Ojo impressively raises her daughter’s bride price and outshines Nollywood celebrities at a recent occasion.

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Nollywood star and businesswoman, Iyabo Ojo, has magnified her daughter Priscilla Ojo’s bride price due to her stunning attire at a Netflix exclusive dinner.

Iyabo’s second child, born from her previous marriage, is rapidly establishing herself as a prominent figure in the fashion world.

Priscilla’s striking and exquisite ensembles at various occasions have ignited discussions on social media, positioning her as the center of attention.

Although not involved in acting or the film industry, Priscilla consistently secures invitations to star-studded gatherings due to her impeccable fashion sense.

In honor of Nigerian filmmakers, streaming giant Netflix organized a lavish exclusive dinner on the evening of Sunday, August 14th.

Dubbed as ‘Lights, Camera, and Naija,’ the event witnessed the presence of numerous Nollywood luminaries. The night’s theme resonated with flamboyant and glamorous Nigerian style.

Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, who was extended an invitation to the exclusive occasion, managed to overshadow Nollywood celebrities with her attire, radiating an air of glamour and regality in a stunning white dress.

Posting on her Instagram, Iyabo Ojo proudly shared some event photos of her daughter, along with the announcement that her daughter’s bride price had been elevated for the third time.

Applauding her daughter’s fashion acumen, she observed how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, emphasizing the remarkable resemblance. She lovingly wrote, “The bride price has increased… Priscilla, your fashion sense is extraordinary @its.priscy, you’re truly one of a kind. I love you immensely. You’re my child.”

This marks the third occasion where the mother of two is doubling her daughter’s bride price.

Priscilla’s dating life.

While information about Priscilla’s dating life remains relatively low-key, there have been rumors linking the influencer romantically with singer Kizz Daniel.

The pair showcased their elegance at socialite Pretty Mike’s gathering and were observed sitting in close proximity during the celebration, according to Kemi Filani’s report.

Furthermore, she was spotted attending one of his overseas events, indicating a possible connection between the two.

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