“I’m back and better”-Jubilations as King Saheed Osupa returns to Nigeria after months away

Written by fazazy39

A throng of individuals converged at the airport to extend a warm welcome to the legendary Fuji musician, Saheed Osupa, as he returned to Nigeria after a lengthy sojourn.

Saheed Osupa, renowned for his distinctive flair and captivating stage presence, boasts an extensive fan base within Nigeria and the Nigerian diaspora. His absence had sparked anticipation for his return, and the news of his arrival ignited jubilation across social media platforms.

The accomplished musician, often hailed as the “King of Fuji,” utilized social media to share a video capturing his arrival, showcasing the multitude of fans and followers who flocked to the airport to greet him. In the video’s caption, he wrote, “T’ara ba san; t’igbo t’iju lo ma mi. The King of Music is back and better on a high. Ologinni t’ajo de!”

Fans and fellow musicians expressed their enthusiasm on various platforms, showering Saheed Osupa with congratulatory messages and sharing their excitement.

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