“You Gat Do Rituæl ooo, Am A Rituælist”– Portable Finally Reveal During Interview With Nedu (Watch).

Written by fazazy39

On Saturday, August 12th, 2023, the renowned Nigerian artist known as Portable made a surprising statement, confessing to being a practitioner of rituals. This disclosure has ignited various responses on social media, leaving people with conflicting emotions.

Portable’s acknowledgment emerged during a conversation on the Honest Bunch Podcast, held yesterday. In the podcast, the singer openly talked about his participation in rituals, and the video of this discussion was shared on his official Instagram profile. For those interested, the video can be viewed on his verified Instagram account via the provided link.

After his disclosure and the subsequent posting of the interview on Instagram, a myriad of Portable’s supporters, viewers, and followers quickly congregated in the comment section to convey their thoughts and responses to his statements. Undoubtedly, the announcement has sparked substantial interaction and conversation within his online follower base.

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