“This Guy Na Mumu oo”- Fans Says As The Viral cyclist declines sending Davido his account number, insists on waiting for him

Written by fazazy39

Emmanuel Myam, the cyclist who gained viral attention for his devotion to Afrobeats artist Davido, has chosen not to provide his account details as requested. Instead, he remains resolute in his decision to travel to Lagos and await the singer’s return.

In the past, Emmanuel had embarked on a cycling journey from Benue to Lagos with the intention of meeting his idol, Davido.

After Davido’s somewhat stern response garnered criticism, he later requested that the cyclist share his account details, return home, and await his return.

However, in a recent Twitter post, Emmanuel Myam expressed his gratitude for Davido’s willingness to receive his account information. Despite this, he has decided to wait for the singer’s return in order to personally present the gift he brought for him.

He reply these words:

Dear Sir, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for your kind proposal of requesting my account number so you can bless me. However, the pinnacle of my happiness would be achieved by meeting you in person, delivering the gift 🎁 I’ve brought all the way from Benue state. Please understand, I mean no disrespect, but I am determined to await your return, Boss.

May the legacy of 001 and the 30BG live on!”

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