My husband got shot to death in 2005 – Actress Allwell Ademola reveals why she’s single at 41 (Video)

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Renowned Nollywood actress, Allwell Ademola, has unveiled the reason behind her single status at the age of 41.

Having recently celebrated her birthday, the movie luminary spoke candidly about her dating experiences during an interview on her colleague Biola Bayo’s YouTube show, “Talk to B.”

Allwell disclosed that she had been on the brink of marriage in 2005, but tragically, her partner passed away just two months before their wedding.

She shared that she was conversing with him over the phone when he was fatally shot. Allwell mentioned that the ordeal left her deeply traumatized for a span of two years.

Expressing her thoughts, she said, “I’m aware of many individuals who choose solitude over marriage. Similarly, there are those who desire marriage but don’t wish to have children.”

“I was initially set to marry in 2005, but he passed away in November of that same year. We were speaking on the phone when he was shot. I went through a mental upheaval for a period of two years.”

Video below 👇🏿

The video, posted on Allwell’s timeline, garnered significant responses from viewers, who shared their sentiments in the comments. Here are some of the reactions:

funmimotunde wrote, “May God bless you, ma. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. May God fulfill all your heart’s desires, ma. 👏”

ayo_mhe expressed, “Wow 😢 Thank you, ma’am, for sharing your story with us. It started off light-hearted, but at a certain point, it became emotional. You will find reasons to genuinely smile again and again. Amen. 🙏”

ifeteniola commented, “I watched this interview. It was incredibly moving. Let’s not be quick to judge people; we never truly know what others are going through.”

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