“I’m Not Olosho,My Dad Is The One Shopping For Me”– Iyabo Ojo Daughter Priscillia Says As She Share Video Of His Dad At A Fashion Store (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Priscillia Ojo, the daughter of Iyabo Ojo, stirred up a response by posting an Instagram story in which she disclosed that her father is out shopping.

Sharing a video on her Instagram story, Priscillia Ojo unveiled that her dad is presently enjoying a shopping spree.

Priscillia Ojo, the only daughter of Iyabo Ojo, stands as both a model and a fashion enthusiast who has successfully secured several endorsement agreements with diverse organizations and brands. Her career trajectory showcases substantial progress, and she’s thriving in her individual capacity.

Recently, speculations regarding Priscillia’s relationship with Enioluwa emerged on the internet. In response, Enioluwa took to online platforms to clarify that they maintain a platonic friendship, devoid of any romantic involvement.

Even though they have been seen traveling together to destinations like South Africa and different parts of the country, Priscillia and Enioluwa consistently emphasize that their bond is purely platonic. Enioluwa went so far as to affirm that even the South African weather wouldn’t alter their friendship dynamics.

Kindly watch the funny video below:

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