“I want the world to advise me on what to do now” Comedian Woli Agba angrily calls out actress, Aisha Lawal (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor and comedian, Woli Agba, took to his Instagram page to criticize actress Aisha Lawal. He stated that he could have addressed the issue privately through her Instagram Direct Message, but he chose to make the disagreement public.

The criticism stemmed from Aisha Lawal’s sharing of a clip from the movie “Jagun Jagun,” where she depicted a scene that he found humiliating.

“I need to address this openly! Instead of a private message, I’m making this public for everyone to see. Why? Kilode?

On a different note, I want to commend Femi Adebayo. Let me share how I let Femi Adebayo down multiple times on set, yet he never held a grudge.

Now, to my dear Honorable, as I affectionately call you @femiadebayosalami, your blessings are undeniable. Beyond being your fan, I’m enamored by your wonderful personality.

I hold a special place for him in my heart. Years ago, I received a message detailing Femi Adebayo’s praise for me and my work. I initially thought it was attention-seeking, but my perspective changed when I met him face-to-face.

I let him down several times before finally joining the cast of ‘Jelili.’ He remained patient despite my flaws and made adjustments to ensure I was part of the set of ‘Jelili’…”

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