“I Pray My Mum Doesn’t See This Video”– Olaitan Sugar Says As She Left Baby At Home Go out To Flex In The Video Shared (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress and film producer Olaitan Sugar has uploaded a provocative video on the internet.

Alongside the video, she prompted her fans to interpret its essence and made it clear that she’d prefer her mother to avoid watching it to prevent any potential complications.

The actress expressed her concern that her mother might stumble upon her online post, fearing that her mother’s tendency to use complicated language might leave even herself puzzled.

It seems her mother is rather stern and harbors a deep apprehension.

She captioned: “Comment when you see it. What can you see? I hope my mom doesn’t come across this video. Oh my, she might bombard me with sophisticated vocabulary.”

Actor Sunny Alli, her mentor, chimed in, advising, “Take things slowly, dear. Remember, every action has its consequences.”

OfficialsunnyAlimadrid: Amoke… Let’s take it easy.

Her post below;

Check out the reactions from her fans and followers:

Bukyfagbuyi: She won’t just limit herself to grammar 😂; she might even delve into biblical poetry.

Fred_Baseman: First, happy Sunday! I see radiant skin like freshly baked bread; that skin is glowing ❤️❤️❤️. Elegant beauty, the complete package.

Mide_abas: Hasn’t this woman just given birth? Another baby on the way, keep going!

Idowubamsexy: Are you sure this lady has just given birth?

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