“Ope Lope Olorun Lara mi”- Mercy Aigbe’s husband Kazim Adeoti beg for support on her new project

Written by fazazy39

Kazim Adeoti, a prominent figure in the world of Nollywood known for his roles as a producer and marketer, has generously extended his backing to his second wife, Mercy Aigbe, for her upcoming project.

Mercy Aigbe Adeoti had previously shared a captivating infotrend story in which she humbly requested the well-wishes and prayers of her beloved supporters as she embarked on a new and exciting venture.

The esteemed actress exuded enthusiasm for this undertaking, using her Instagram platform to express her eagerness. While the specific details of the project remained veiled, the warm post garnered an outpouring of congratulations and words of encouragement from her loyal following.

Although the precise title and nature of the project were not disclosed, the accompanying hashtags provided a clue that Mercy Aigbe’s project is set to grace the world on December 15th, 2023. This revelation indicates an eagerly anticipated release date that has piqued the curiosity of her enthusiastic fan base.

“With great excitement coursing through me, I find myself on the cusp of an upcoming project. In my humility, I reach out to you, dear friends, and kindly ask for your prayers. Your words of prayer mean the world to me. THANK YOU.”

Demonstrating a heartening unity, Kazim Adeoti, through his acclaimed brand Adekaz Productions, has earnestly pledged his allegiance to Mercy Aigbe’s impending project.

“Circle December 15th on your calendars. We are gearing up for an ambitious venture, God willing.”

It’s notable that previously, Mercy Aigbe exuded a sense of pride alongside Kazim Adeoti during their joint appearance at the premiere of Odunlade Adekola’s cinematic hit “Orisa.” Sharing an enchanting video on her verified Instagram account, she playfully showcased their status as “Alhaji” and “Alhaja” (male and female titles) and jovially boasted of her ability to radiate her qualities.

“Presenting Alhaji and Alhaja Adeoti! We’re stepping out to support my brother @odunomoadekola for the premiere of his remarkable movie ORISA (DEITY).”

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