“It’s My Turn”- Femi Adebayo celebrates as his movie ‘Jagunjagun’ Top Number 1 On Netflix in Nigeria, 4th in USA in less than 48 hours

Written by fazazy39

A surge of joy and elation swept through as Femi Adebayo’s latest film, ‘Jagunjagun,’ accomplished an astonishing feat within a mere 48 hours of its premiere on the renowned streaming platform, Netflix.

Expressing his gratitude, Femi Adebayo took to Instagram to share his sentiments.

He wrote, “In under 48 hours, Jagunjagun has soared to become Nigeria’s top film and has secured the fourth position in the UK on Netflix! Grateful 🙏🏽 Alhamdulilah.
Furthermore, it’s making waves in various countries including South Africa, Kenya, UAE, Egypt, Jamaica, Cyprus, Romania, Qatar, and many more.”

This achievement owes itself to each one of you who dedicated time to experience and value the heartfelt effort poured into creating this film!

To my cherished supporters, you hold an everlasting place in my heart as my topmost concern. You’re truly treasured!

A heartfelt thank you!

Keep the momentum alive! Extend the invitation to others to partake in the Jagunjagun journey as well! Spread the word and let friends know!

OGUN YAA ‼️‼️”

The news rapidly spread akin to wildfire, sparking a surge of jubilations and well-wishes from fans, peers, and those within the industry.

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