“Their rejection is your direction” Kemi Afolabi shares deep words as she steps out with daughter

Written by fazazy39

As she appeared alongside her teenage daughter, Darasimi, Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi discussed the advantages of rejection.

She posted pictures from their time together at the premiere of “Orisa,” a popular movie by Odunlade Adekola.

Accompanied by her daughter, the actress conveyed that rejection paves the way for guidance, emphasizing that only God’s enduring support remains eternal.

“Their rejection points your way. Entrust everything to God, as ONLY Allah’s support is everlasting.”

I wore an outfit created in less than 24 hours by @julyetpeters, and both Dara and I adorned Aso oke from @oyiz_asooke. Many thanks to @iroayo_photography for capturing this moment, even though I wasn’t feeling well on that day!” Kemi Afolabi wrote in the photo caption.

In a caption accompanying the photos, I donned an outfit crafted within a day by @julyetpeters, and both Dara and I elegantly wore Aso oke from @oyiz_asooke. Heartfelt appreciation to @iroayo_photography for capturing this moment, despite my unwell state on that day!” Kemi Afolabi expressed.

Reflecting back to August 1st, Kemi Afolabi warmly celebrated her daughter’s transition into her teenage years. She shared how, at the age of thirty, she overcame doubts about having a child and welcomed her daughter.

Afolabi highlighted that her 12-year-old daughter is the accomplishment she’s proud of and a cherished dream fulfilled. In anticipation of her daughter’s upcoming birthday, she expressed gratitude to Allah and celebrated the divine gift of motherhood.

“Look who’s becoming a teenager soon! Advance happy birthday, Morenikeji Adunni Okomi. Amid life’s missteps, you’re the one I got right—a dream realized. Thank you, Allah.

Despite my doubts given my previous lack of pregnancy, I had you well above thirty. God is incredible. Alhamdulillah. Happy new month, lovely people. May your efforts in August not go in vain,” Kemi Afolabi shared.

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