“Pay Me My Money Before Wahala Start”-Jayeola Monje calls out Faithia Williams over unpaid job (Video)

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Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti, also known as Jayeola Monje, has publicly criticized Faithia Williams for failing to settle a debt owed to her.

During the screening of Femi Adebayo’s movie “Jagun Jagun,”

where both actresses were present, Jayeola Monje asserted that she had served as Faithia Williams’ Personal Assistant.

However, Faithia Williams is reportedly refusing to compensate her for her services. On Instagram, Jayeola called out Faithia Williams, the former spouse of Saidi Balogun, and demanded payment, stating,

“I worked as a PA for Olori Faithia at the premiere, and she’s yet to pay me.”

Jaiye Kuti slams Nollywood veterans for begging money online

In July, Jaiye Kuti found herself in a controversy after criticizing Nollywood veterans who were resorting to online appeals for financial aid. She expressed concern over the growing trend of established Nollywood veterans publicly seeking assistance due to their declining financial and health situations.

The actress voiced her distress about how this plea for help was negatively impacting the reputation of the Yoruba movie industry.

Jaiye Kuti highlighted that many of these veterans hadn’t adequately planned for their future, instead indulging in short-lived pleasures during their younger years.

While she acknowledged the importance of fundraising for health-related matters, she strongly opposed the idea of tarnishing the Yoruba film industry’s image by publicly requesting support for basic necessities.

The video she posted garnered a range of reactions online, with some applauding her for speaking candidly, while others criticized her for her stance against her senior colleagues.

In response to the backlash, Jaiye Kuti clarified that she wasn’t discouraging ailing veterans from seeking help, but rather highlighting her concern about the misuse of the platform for personal gain.

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