Painter with 3 kids finally regains freedom after being unjustly detained in Kirikiri prison for over 6 years (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian artist Segun Esan has finally been released from Kirikiri Maximum Correctional Facility, putting an end to a distressing six-year ordeal during which he was wrongly incarcerated.

The determined efforts of the Headfort Foundation, a humanitarian organization dedicated to obtaining justice for those wrongly detained, played a pivotal role in securing Segun’s release.

Segun Esan, a father of three, was apprehended by the Lagos State Police Command in 2017 while on his way home from work.

This unfortunate incident unfolded after the police collided with his motorcycle from behind and subsequently confiscated his vehicle when he complied with their demand to stop.

From there, Segun’s life took a tragic turn as he was taken into police custody and later moved to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) office in Lagos.

Throughout his nightmarish journey, Segun’s family relentlessly worked to secure his freedom, encountering repeated frustration in their efforts.

Despite their attempts to gather funds, his detention persisted, leading to his eventual transfer to Kirikiri facility, where he languished for six long years.

In a tragic twist of fate, Segun’s wife gave birth on the very day he was imprisoned, denying him the joy of being present for the birth of his child.

“Segun Esan is a gifted painter and devoted father of three. His story is one of heartbreak and resilience, having been wrongly arrested in 2017 on his way home from work, leaving behind his pregnant wife and two children.

“However, with the steadfast support of our donors, volunteers, and team, we managed to restore hope to the Esan family’s life by successfully securing Segun’s freedom. It was a moment of pure joy and renewal, as they had nearly lost hope in the face of an unjust system,” the Foundation’s post conveyed.

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