“I should have gotten married in 2005 but..” Actress Allwell Ademola opens up on why she is unmarried at 41 (Video)

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Nollywood actress Allwell Ademola has shared the reasons behind her single status at the age of 41.

The renowned actress, who recently celebrated her birthday, discussed her dating life during an interview on her colleague Biola Bayo’s YouTube show, “Talk to B.”

Allwell revealed that she had come close to getting married in 2005, but tragically, the love of her life passed away. Recounting the painful experience, she shared that she was on a call with him when he was shot, and the incident left her deeply traumatized for a period of two years.

Reflecting on relationships, Allwell mentioned that she is aware of people who choose to remain unmarried and enjoy solitude. She also highlighted the diversity of preferences among individuals, including those who desire marriage but not parenthood.

She explained, “I was supposed to have gotten married in 2005, but he died in November of that same year. I was talking to him on the phone when he got shot. I lost my mind for 2 years.”

Allwell Ademola Discusses Relationship with Late Fiancé’s Best Man

In the aftermath of losing her fiancé, Allwell Ademola made headlines when she embarked on a relationship with her late fiancé’s best man.

During an interview, she opened up about how she managed to move forward after her fiancé’s passing.

Confirming her involvement with her late fiancé’s best man, she clarified that this individual had been her close friend even prior to her engagement.

She detailed that her intention had initially been to have him serve as the best man at her wedding due to their longstanding friendship.

However, fate played a role, as both she and the best man faced personal heartbreak around the same time — his fiancée also ended their engagement.

This shared emotional turmoil led him to propose to Allwell, and she candidly admitted that, in her vulnerable state, she accepted.

Addressing how she dealt with the profound heartbreak, she expressed gratitude for the love and support she received from those around her. With their help, she eventually managed to overcome the challenges she faced.

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