“Even Though She Is More Educated Than I Do & She’s A Lawyer, She Will Educate Me”– Wazo Says As He Reveal Why He Want To Marry Bimbo Thomas

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Owooniran Rasak Ajani continues to show his unwavering affection for Bimbo Thomas, as evidenced by his recent interview video at Ikeja ShopRite.

During the interview, a group of bloggers questioned him about his ability to handle her, taking into account her charisma, education, and standards.

The actor confidently stated that his charisma, attire, and demeanor justified his suitability for marriage to her. He went on to emphasize that any man who sees Bimbo Thomas from all angles would undoubtedly desire to marry her.

Evidently, the actor is resolute in pursuing a relationship with Bimbo Thomas, as his affection for her remains strong.

In recent developments, there has been gossip circulating that Bimbo Thomas confronted Rasak regarding his persistent attempts to have people persuade her into accepting his advances. The actress disclosed that she initially dismissed it as a joke, but the situation has evolved into something different than she anticipated.

She appealed to everyone to intervene and advise him to stop relentlessly pursuing her, under the guise of love.

Despite the circumstances, Rasak Ajani demonstrates that he has no intentions of giving up on his affection for Bimbo Thomas anytime soon.

Watch the video below;

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