“You’re The World Best Father”- I can never get tired of admiring your dedication to me, Femi Adebayo pens tribute to his father

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood’s box office sensation, Femi Adebayo Salami, has penned a touching tribute honoring his father.

Adebayo Salami, also known as Oga Bello, for his unwavering commitment to their project.

Expressing his gratitude, Femi Adebayo praised his father for being a mentor, companion, confidant, and a source of entertainment, while also acknowledging his guidance and support.

Despite unconventional hours, Femi Adebayo highlighted his father’s active involvement throughout the production, describing him as an invaluable advisor and consulting director for the upcoming project.

Femi Adebayo continued to admire his father’s dedication, expressing his pride as a son and anticipating the world’s recognition of his remarkable performance in the movie


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