“May Almighty Allah increase their knowledge”- Reactions as actor Rotimi Salami Proud and Pray For His kids As They fluently recite the Quran.

Written by fazazy39

Rotimi Salami, a notable Nigerian actor, recently shared a heartfelt video on social media that has garnered significant attention and praise.

In the video, his children are depicted reciting passages from the Quran with remarkable ease, showcasing their impressive familiarity and understanding of the sacred text.

The sincere passion and fluency with which the young children recite the Quran deeply touched viewers, followers, and social media users, resulting in the video being widely shared.

Numerous individuals lauded the children for their accomplishment and expressed admiration for their dedication to their faith despite their young age.

The actor himself accompanied the video with a succinct yet sincere statement: “Quran recitation with Bliss and Legend✨.”

Here are some reactions and the video:

– Ma Sha Allah TabaraKallah. May Allah increase them in knowledge and understanding.

– ❤️❤️❤️Masha Allah. I pray Almighty Allah guides them in the right path by the way of the Prophet 🙏.

– Never realized this guy is a Muslim. I don’t know why I assumed he’s a Christian.

– Masha Allah. May Allah increase them in knowledge and wisdom👏👏👏.

– Masha Allah, may Almighty Allah increase them in knowledge and understanding 😍.

– Oh my god… I’m really impressed, awwww, sweet kids ♥.

– May Allah increase their knowledge🙏. Grant us more understanding.

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